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Tips for smarter home savings in Fort Smith

January 02, 2024
Man using smart home control panel

Smart homes are an excellent investment for numerous reasons. They bolster your security and convenience by giving you access and control like you’ve never experienced before. But they can help you in another way by conserving energy and saving you money on utility bills. Learn how you can find smarter home savings in Fort Smith by implementing the most advanced home security equipment.

Start saving with a smart thermostat in Fort Smith

A smart thermostat functions like a conventional one in that you can alter the comfort levels from the unit itself. But the similarities end there. Leading thermostats may be adjusted from anywhere using a helpful app. Did you not remember to decrease the comfort levels prior to leaving on a vacation? No problem! By tapping a button, you can change the heating or cooling levels and reduce your energy consumption, protecting your pocketbook.

But some modern smart thermostats take things even further. Often called “learning thermostats,” these advanced models detect your preferred settings and utilze things like geolocation and in-home sensors to automatically tweak comfort levels. In other words, it alters the temperature for you depending on if you’re home, what time it is, and other considerations. You can get smarter home savings in Fort Smith without taking any action.

Lower electricity consumption in Fort Smith with smart lights

If you haven’t changed to LED bulbs already, it’s a perfect time to make the upgrade. But you can take things further by integrating smart lights into your home security system. If you’re like countless people and don’t always switch off the lights when going to bed, you don’t have to fret about that any more. You can arrange for lights to shut down at specific hours each day. You may also design more advanced lighting schedules to make it seem like you’re there when you’re gone.

If you don’t have schedules or specific rules for your smart bulbs, you still can save money by managing lights remotely with your smartphone app. You’ll never have bulbs burning day and night again. Furthermore, if you have little ones who often leave bathroom lighting on, you [[can|might]could]165] install budget-friendly motion sensor switches to solve the problem.

Home Automation delivers savings, safety, and convenience

Were you aware that you can set customized actions that add energy savings, convenience, and safety? For example, if you’re stepping out for the night, you can arm your alarm system, lower the thermostat, switch off lights, and secure door locks with one tap of your central command panel. You might also program other customized rules, like having your entry light switch on when an outside camera’s motion detector is triggered. Let your smart home look out for you!

Customize your own smart home in Fort Smith

Would you like to benefit from smarter home savings in Fort Smith? A Vivint smart home offers access to current home security advancements and will decrease your spending on utility bills. You’ll also appreciate a robust home defense and the assurance that comes with 24-hour monitoring. Contact (479) 370-4503 to get more information and start customizing your own smart home today.